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Inspirational Writings..

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Inspirational Writings.. Empty Inspirational Writings..

Post  ~MattheW~ on Sun 05 Jun 2011, 8:30 pm

Post DT... and what an experience we had, we all had. WE sorked hard to bring what we could to a gathering of souls that could communicate with one another. Souls that search to learn for the greater good... Physically alive or not, we can learn from one another and help one another... Life is like a fence, one side or the other, it really doesn't matter so long as we work to learn, with or without a physical body..
Many of us have had the experience of working in an existance that we can share together, some haven't. While it is an experience for all, it must be utilised as an experience to learn from, to grow from in any form. Spirit form or physical form, we are to learn what we can and what we might pass on to the next soul, dead or alive, we strive to be of service in some respect, yet all for the greater good. . .
It's in love that we can support one another, accept one another and grow with each other. Don't forget to make sure that your friends are with you on your journey, on any journey. For no journey can be ventured on without the support of another. Single solitude only serves the purpose of the self, which in essence does not help to grow the soul, rather it depletes the soul of opportunities as the self creates a box to live in, a set of boundaries within which it must reside. Being open to new experiences offers the chance to learn, should your will allow it.... With one another you will learn greatly, yet when you find your soul mate, you find that the soul has no limits when it is free to express itself, when it is free to accept that of another without being critical or judgemental. Love allows freedom and open transmission of energy, or ideas, of everything you could ever imagine.....
So Love can be a large part of our lives... it already has been for many of you... it is in fact the most honest of you if you are willing to be open to it. . .. We can love our family and love our friends, yet to be in love offers a freedom of expression that most people rearely see until security in love is found.
In spirit form we exist, we live and we shall forever strive to serve, in physical form we strive to learn what might be, what can be, and hope that the dreams will be in this life... So how to make them happen....
High amounts of energy flow with those that love freely, energy is not blocked by pride, by fear, by hatred, by jealousy... Be aware of the person you are, the person you can be and the person you want to be for everyone else... and most importantly for yourself..
We work together in the hope that we might come together in order to create miracles, create dreams... the only thing that will ever prevent any of this is concious thought of what might be of influence and change... hold onto that which is real for you always, use and create your ideas for the benefit of others... not to boast, not to be proud or to show off or to be more than you think you could ever be.... do it for service to others... judgement is a big enemy.. let God do justice where justice must be served... let you offer who you are to the rest of the world... your soul and your existance are no accident... and so the wheel of life allows you the chance to be all that you can be .... you have no limits..... the question is do you understand yourself enough to make use of the strengths you have been given to use?? If not..... we have work to do... are you ready? It's late... we can still start now... are you ready?

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Inspirational Writings.. Empty Well done Matthew

Post  caroline on Mon 06 Jun 2011, 11:40 am

That is a beautiful piece of writing Matthew. Thanks so much for sharing.
I hope everyone sees the message within the message.

Love and light


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Inspirational Writings.. Empty Well Done Matthew

Post  Craig Leith on Wed 08 Jun 2011, 7:16 am

Nice thoughts keep it up. sunny

Craig Leith

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Inspirational Writings.. Empty Re: Inspirational Writings..

Post  Kylie Platt on Fri 17 Jun 2011, 9:02 am

Awsome work Mathew keep it up Very Happy

Kylie Platt

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Inspirational Writings.. Empty Inspirational writings - 15/08/2011

Post  ~MattheW~ on Mon 15 Aug 2011, 5:41 pm

As we take every step forward, we step away from our past and into our future.. we create as we step, in thought, in word and in intent. We work to create what could be, what we hope could be.. In our heart we dream, in our lives we take steps to address our obligations... so what are we missing here? When and where do we find the time to incorporate our new creation? our new steps?
As we react to what life throws at us, we seek to remedy all the situations that we have had in the past, all that we have learned we seek to apply in our lives for we hope that we may never have to endure some of that which has been tough in our lives..... We seek to improve, yet we strive in the circle of our learning rather than to strive for that which is ourside of that which we have learned.... our future is held in the elements of the unknown, of everything we might hope to achieve, and of everything that with every step of our walking life, we will create. We must strive to apply new learnings that come from the heart, ti implement the road less travelled, the road that each of us must create for our own destiny, for that which our heart seeks... We must learn to trust in ourselves, in what we can offer to one another... In what we have been offered for our lives going forward... Of course nothing is easy, easy is always the path of what we already know... yet we are never satisfied with the outcome... we seek more... more of what exactly?

The answers are always within... the choices in our lives... yet some of the greatest choices are found in the hardship of discovery... actually... in many of the darkest days of everyones lives, there is a light at the end of the tunnel... if we seek it, we find answers..... when we have light in our lives... this light is not so easy to find... and so we must work hard to find our inner yearning... the quest for life, and fulfilled life....

Touch the earth and notice that we are but dust, we are but apeck in time... a glimpse of a moment... we are an ongoing 'chance'... at every turn we have these moments... these opportunities to help.. to serve.. to assist one another... to better ourselves for that which is to follow... these chances occur every step we take... and so can we open ourselves to these 'steps' that shape our lives? Do you see that every small step is another building block for the foundations of what you are to become? Do you see what you have created?

So what will you create next? As you 'step' forward..... create with intent... for there is much to look forward to...

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Inspirational Writings.. Empty Re: Inspirational Writings..

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