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Post  kristian on Tue 28 Jun 2011, 8:23 am

Looking back at past photos in my vast collection that is still ever growing. I found that 2 months ago 2 photos have changed drasticly and have developed faces in them.
1 is from an elemental meditation that we did and then we did a night of planchetting.

This looks very physical which is good. I've looked in the other photos from that day to see who was sitting where and this face who is very young I would say this woman is in her 20's is in between Michelle and Elizabeth and by looking at where the vanishing point would be for how the room should look at eye level, it dsnt match up with the angle is should be on and its elevated.

The other photo that I have is tough to say if its formed out of a bit of reflection or if that bit of smudgy look is from the form itself.
Its hard to describe besides that its male and has a pointy hat on much like the dunce hats that they used to have. The ear that is showing has a slight point and he seems to have a trimbed line of beard around his chin line.

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