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A few words from Harry Edwards book "Spirit Healing"

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A few words from Harry Edwards book "Spirit Healing"

Post  caroline on Sun 10 Jul 2011, 11:34 am

It's interesting when one decides what it is they would like to read at certain moment.
In a moment of choosing, some words just seems to throw themselves out at you.
Here are some lines from Harry Edwards book.

One cannot develop the healing gift by study as is done in the other physical arts/sciences.
The gift of healing cannot be conferred by a degree, by ordination or by the wearing of a white coat.
It functions when those who have the faculty establish attunement with the God's healing ministries in spirit, who indeed are the intelligent administrators of this beneficent power.

The sprit mind can be in attunement and guidance from spirit life. This is an important conclusion upon which much of our understanding of spirit science depends.
The proof that we posses a spirit mind is easily established by the simple comparative study of the processes of physical and spirit sensing.

It is law that there must exist a state of harmony between any form of transmission and reception. There must be a medium in some form between the origin of the
transmission and the organization for it's reception, to permit the flow of radiation to be conducted and accepted.
Physical sight and hearing, this is readily available.
With spirit sight and hearing the some basic principal must apply.
It follows that a picture transmitted from a spirit source can be received only through an attuned potential in the person, and this must be his spirit mind.
In considering the mechanism of healing, it is important to see that in the same way as spirit sensing is received by the consciousness so "thought" can be conveyed from the
spirit mind to the consciousness, thus influencing the physical mind. In this way the healing guide is able to soothe and calm the inner-mind frustrations which are
admitted to be the cause of so much disease.
Edwards, H (1960) The total self. In Spirit Healing. London, Herbert Jenkins Ltd.


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Re: A few words from Harry Edwards book "Spirit Healing"

Post  jeremy white on Sun 10 Jul 2011, 1:20 pm

Hi caroline, jeremy.

Great to read your comments, keep up the good work.

jeremy white

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spirit healing

Post  john wilkinson on Sun 10 Jul 2011, 5:20 pm


Great read from Harry. "Interesting the things you read" that leap off the page at you isnt it?

Today I was reading the Mediumship of Arnold Clare that my good friend Helen printed for me (thanks Helen). Even with the involvement of the great physical medium Arnold Clare and his spirit Guide Peter, Arnold Clare's wife got sick.

The part that stood out to me was even though Mrs Clare was sick and getting admitted to hospital, spirit healing was expected to be a matter of course by the family. The healing did not come on its own accord. The family wondered why and posed the question to Peter.

Arnold Clare's guide Peter stated during trance the reason why there was no healing coming forth was to put it simply "no effort had been made to ask for spirit assistance". Naturally after the request for healing was put forth the healing was applied succesfully.

I suppose even a great channel/medium with great guidance still requires the act of the request/intent, thus giving spirit permission to intervene and apply the healing.

See you soon.

Very Happy

john wilkinson

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Re: A few words from Harry Edwards book "Spirit Healing"

Post  Helen on Mon 11 Jul 2011, 5:56 am

Love your work Caroline. Hx


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Re: A few words from Harry Edwards book "Spirit Healing"

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