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Psychic News purchased by JV trust

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Psychic News purchased by JV trust

Post  Michelle Nation on Sun 09 Oct 2011, 6:18 pm

Hi Everyone,
just thought many of you would be interested that Psychic News has been purchased by JV trust, a copy of the email I got wiht the links is below:
Love Michelle

This is wonderful news about the return of an independent Psychic News.

See the full story and comments at

As Lis, one of the Forum Administrtors, has written about this wonderful news in the comments about this news on Spirit of PN

"It is indeed great news to see the ownership of Psychic News, its archives, and other assets, pass to the J.V. Trust, after what I feel sure has been a long and arduous journey to ensure the paper’s future. Those who have worked so hard to achieve this must be congratulated for never giving up on their desire to honour Barbanell’s dream for a continuing independent voice for Spiritualism.

We, who believe in the need for an independent Spiritualist newspaper must now do our part to support the mighty effort of the J.V. Trust. When the paper once again becomes available, we must buy it, encourage everyone else to subscribe, and lend our voice by either submitting articles on topics of interest, well-reasoned letters, or newsworthy items about Spiritualism.

For the paper to be relevant to what is happening in the Spiritualist movement today it needs our help and ongoing support. No matter how good the intent, or how competent the editorial and other staff may be, it needs the backing of us all to succeed."

Michelle Nation

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