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Discussion on mediumship skill

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Discussion on mediumship skill Empty Discussion on mediumship skill

Post  kristian on Sat 15 Oct 2011, 3:31 pm

Hi all.

was watching on Tv the other night the movie White Noise.

Long story short its about EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
anyway I was having a discussion/thought during the moment where he goes to see a medium and the medium is using clairsentience ( im pretty sure she was blind as well)

She was explaining what she was seeing even tho she was using feeling.
This means that she was using the base skill of Clairsentience and translating it up to the 3rd eye to create the vocabulary into vision.
This i find very interesting because this would mean that no matter what ever medium has a unique skill.

For example 2 mediums may have the talent of Clair Audience
The first medium uses Clairsentience and translats it up to Audio where as the 2nd medium just uses the ClairAudience.
It's basically using different methods to achieve the same result. Yet allows individuality of those skills to be present.

So if your wanting to be good at a skill and are not sure where to start then start at what you can do and maybe try to translate it to that level its not the same product in the end yet may provide a foot hold to be able to build the full version of that skill.


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