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Tuesday night Class

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Tuesday night Class Empty Tuesday night Class

Post  kristian on Wed 08 Dec 2010, 2:01 pm

Homework for Tuesday night class

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Tuesday night Class Empty Tues notes

Post  caroline on Wed 12 Jan 2011, 10:58 am

Notes in point form for reference only.

*Covered Subtle bodies
*Solar plexus width.
*When smudging, stay inside for at least 20mins for it to work.
*Covering solar plexus in bath. Need at least min 3 per week.
*When cleansing solar plexus with crystal, you need to do the whole body, not just solar plexus.
*Remember to either shut down during the day or use your protection symbols. Use one or the other, don't use at the same time.
*Vampiring: others sapping your energy
*Protection symbols are wooden..put around you x6 sides. For when you are walking into a neg environment/people.
*When buying candles, use essential oil candles only. Do not use any smelly candles that have chemicals in them.
*Remember different spirit Kindoms


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Tuesday night Class Empty week 2

Post  caroline on Thu 13 Jan 2011, 9:26 am

For ref only:
*Remember meditation to go up and out
*Body consciousness. sitting correctly
*Facilitate & advancement
*Take your aura out
*White light down through your chakra's

* Profiling..has to be quick
* Evolving language

cat study


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Tuesday night Class Empty Tues - 29/03/11

Post  ~MattheW~ on Wed 30 Mar 2011, 7:35 am

Ok so here goes.. A few personal notes/observations of class:

- Eastern Freeway spirit experiences (Chandler Rd)
- 3 Stages of spirit photography > Orbs, face formation, face/material formations
- recognition that spirit influence is around to help us solve issues or problems.
- experiences of people around us, acknowledging energy shifts/changes in others such as emotions and attitude
- be aware of influences around us, particularly at work, use guardian spirit to assist with environment and those you work with

Memorial Garden
- clairvoyance > 'see' the tombstone, read the writing, name, date born/deceased, family relative names, anything else written on the tombstone
- aim is to clairvoyantly 'read' the writing
- development of clairvoyance, practice regularly
- be careful not to use other perceptive senses, clairvoyance only > higher vibration practice

- work fast! energy use/loss occurs quickly, best results occur when energy is raised and is maintained through 'holding' the connection - when unsure, ask the entity you are profiling to show you what they mean. key is to stay clairvoyant and to keep the conversation flowing.
- Develop your own routine/line of questions when profiling. Aim to get the information you need to offer your client (class mates) information they can use/understand.
- profile entity, stand out features? height, hair colour/style, body shape, clothing, body language.. through this information be aware of what you describe. The description of the entity will imply a 'situation' around the client you refer to.
- choose an environment. Ask the entity you profiled to show you a problem in this environment. If unclear of what the entity is showing to you, ask them to show you another way. You can always ask the entity to show you again. Remember that keeping this communication up will assist with the information given. When you stop communicating with the entity, like any one does when you stop talking to them, they will most likely lose interest and then it is hard to communicate with the entity as they have either left or have lost interest in communicating with you since you are not communicating withi them.
- ask the entity to show you a solution to the problem relevant to the environment. Make sure the solution 'makes sense' and offers the client (class mate) a solution that fits the environment and the problem.

On a personal note, after class I was absolutely knackered! It took me a good 20 mins to get myself together after class. Luckily my bed was waiting for me! For the first time I think I really understood how much energy is used in the room when we profile spirit entities. If we want to be quality mediums, we must utilise our energy efficiently. When energy is high, clarity is high. Much work to be done!

Wishing you happiness,


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Tuesday night Class Empty Tues - 12/04/11

Post  ~MattheW~ on Wed 13 Apr 2011, 9:01 am

A class of reminders....

Craig informed us that it is most important to put your understanding and knowledge into practice. This means recognising and doing the correct techniques when required. Being respnsible about our mediumship and taking control of our body, energy and thought patterns. White light is most important, protections are most important both for ourselves and for the benefit of others. Being a medium means we must be prepared at all times. Prepare ourselves for the day ahead, utilise our disciplines and incorpate them into our daily routine.
Craig reminded us that we need to be prepared to work hard at communicating with spirit. Work hard to communicate and understand them. Both in the Memorial Garden and in Profiling of spirit beings. Working hard to communicate means that we must work both fast and hard at obtaining information from spirit, we can almost cheat by asking spirit to show us what they mean in different ways. I've recognised that regardless of what we understand or don't understand, to conintue to communicate with spirit, to ask spirit to explain differently, is essentially what we are trying to do, ie communicate and develop relationships with spirit. We can't go wrong if we continue to communicate. Before doing so however, we must learn to prepare a line of questioning for the spirit person so that we may obtain useful answers.

Best Wishes,

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Tuesday night Class Empty Re: Tuesday night Class

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