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Psychic Protections

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Psychic Protections Empty Psychic Protections

Post  Craig Leith on Tue 03 Jul 2012, 8:18 am

Hi all, on this winters morning, with all the universal energies bouncing around at the moment you may find your mind, your habits, and actions are being challenged. We are all perceptively susceptible, and so the influence of others in mind and deed can have a positive or negative affect. If you are up and down emotionally your trust sensors may be down this may need some balance. Begin by re-empowering yourself, leave and bring the trust of things and events and situations back to you, and a minimal amount left to others. The old saying who's hands do I rest myself in? If trust issues and your world have, for a prolonged time, been out of sequence or sinc, your emotional centre's or feeling centre are a little polluted, so your ability to trust your feeling is off centre. Technically your solar plexus chakra the feeling centre is loaded up with debris and a bit wonky. Your may begin efforts of correcting this through the element of water and a routine of baths submerging the centre. This will take time however and may not generate the confidence you are chasing. So beginning the steps towards higher thought and higher perception will produce faster benefits. Our higher perception is clairvoyance and inspiration, begin working on your thoughts and internal self talk. Dialogue and contemplate your ideas and processes, your aim is to generate positive self communication of your higher self. Negative self talk is a result of poor influence and a battle of wills is at hand, bring light to those ideas to raise your vibration and esteem, if this is difficult begin a white light visual technique. Bring this into you or view your objectives in white, in a effort to brake down the negatives. Building a system of this provides residence to many of the negatives. This begins to restore your self choice where you may be expected to make decision and choices based on your own personality. This eliminates the reliance of being pieces of what others want you to be and creates moments of who you are in your heart. sunny cheers have a bright day Craig

Craig Leith

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Psychic Protections Empty Re: Psychic Protections

Post  caroline on Tue 03 Jul 2012, 6:51 pm

Thanks for the discussion on Psychic Protections Craig.

Have a good week:)


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