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Thursday Night Class

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Thursday Night Class Empty Thursday Night Class

Post  kristian on Wed 08 Dec 2010, 2:02 pm

Homework for Thursday Night Class

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Thursday Night Class Empty Re: Thursday Night Class

Post  caroline on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 6:22 pm

Thursday night classes have been very interesting. At first it was if no trance was going to take place and then before you know it, it's happened and your week ahead becomes even better than you expected. Is this because of what has been burn't away? Yes, it's wisdom in the words of your expert that helps burn away that what is not wanted.
If you are not acknowledging the quality of information, here is how you do, it's through the levels of communication.
The three levels are:
I, you and we.
I is self obsessed and not very good quality of information if any.
You is instructional, someone familiar and
We is group communication, the expert is there to bring wisdom about your week and life experience through shared communication.
Your expert brings out the positive aspects in you and will help you generate better results.

If your self talk is negative during the week, your expert is not around you. There are other techniques that have been taught in class to help you with your positive self talk. Can you remember? It starts with, "For the Highest......
Recall and bring it into your week. Craig will be tickled pink that you are doing what it is you are learning.
Please, these notes are from my own recollection, if you disagree, then by all means the critiquing is accepted. How can you move forward if you think everything you know is correct? This path is about learning, learning the proper techniques.
Enjoy and have a great week


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