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Mercury Retrograde - Friday 10th December - Thursday 30th December 2010

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Mercury Retrograde - Friday 10th December - Thursday 30th December 2010

Post  maxene on Fri 10 Dec 2010, 7:16 pm

For the 4th and final time in 2010, Mercury, the fastest travelling planet of the solar system, has gone retrograde today until the 30th December 2010. When a planet retrogrades it means that they appear to be travelling backwards in the sky. Generally, this means that the normal behaviour of that planet may be halted or behave in the opposite way. Mercury is the Messenger between the devine and the underworld. He is the symbol of communication, dexterity, wit, and is also the Master of Thieves and the Trixter. Currently positioned at 5° Capricorn, Mercury will move backwards through the sky (and our charts) to 19° Sagittarius, where it will finally move forward again on the 30th December 2010.
When we think of Mercury, we are considering all types of communications, media, newspapers, telephones, computers, cars and mechanical devices. The ability to think and to communicate becomes hard or restricted. Mercury Retrograde affects all people to some degree. Our car breaks down and we are stranded by the side of the road… we pull out our phone and try to phone the RACV and there is no signal. It creates very annoying disturbances to our direction, which can leave us feeling frustrated and having to use our mind in overdrive to work out the answers.
If your Sun, Ascendant or Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo, (signs naturally ruled by Mercury), you may find the next couple of weeks a very trying time. I know personally, with having all three Sun, Ascendant and Mercury in Gemini that I am already experiencing the disruptive effects of this retrograde and it is only day 1. My car has been towed away after a tree bough fell and smashed the bonnet and the windscreen. I now have no car to travel in. Some documents were supposed to arrive today to be signed, and they have not turned up, so I now have to chase these up (mail being lost – definitely Mercury Retrograde). I began writing this piece tonight in the forum, was almost finished, I went to look in google for the spelling of a word and, when I went back to the forum the whole piece that I had written was gone – in a flash… Mercury in Retrograde, and I couldn’t remember what I had written, so I literally had to start all over again… very frustrating!
The theme of Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn may relate to communication breakdown in business enterprises and the workplace, computer or machinery breakdown, misunderstandings and an inability to communicate with colleagues. When it moves back into Sagittarius, it may mean restriction in travel – especially long distance travel – and long delays. And yes, it will depend on where this sits in your particular chart, but the idea is to keep in mind that when these annoying things happen, that Mercury Retrograde only lasts a few weeks.

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