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Jeremey's First Visit

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Jeremey's First Visit Empty Jeremey's First Visit

Post  kristian on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 2:04 pm

Hi all, I have summarised my visits to the Astral Temple during the week for sharing with everyone.
In my first visit I was met by an entity called “Artimus”, I am sure that an entity with this name came through at one of our previous trance nights.
Artimus is over 6’0” tall, slim body with shoulder length with a tanned face. He wore a white ankle length robe tied around the waist with a red cord.
Everytime I visit the Temple, which is golden in colour, I am met by two Nubian type slaves, who allow me to access the Temple.
In my first visit He explained to me that it is essential for us to travel to the Astral temples to become proficient in receiving instruction from the astral entities, it was further explained that it is essential for us to assimilate astral energy to receive the education of the astral plane, by going to the astral temples on a regular basis this will start to happen with us. Artimus and I had this talk opposite a large rectangular table, which had a bowl of fruit placed on it, Craig explained that I should have eaten some fruit to nourish myself.
The temple also had a massive library, sauna and spa with an attached restaurant. Craig educated me by indicating that I should use these facilities when visiting the temple.
On my second visit I was taken to an ante room, a library, with a log fire. We sat in comfortable large leather chairs. He told me that the room was known as the thinkers room, only thoughts, not decisions.
We discussed the difference between Expectations and Anticipation. Expectations are based on fantasy, or events yet to happen or unfold.
Anticipations are expected results for work done on anticipated outcomes. Both situations can become confused with each other.
On my third visit after being granted access by the Nubian slaves, Artimus suggested that we walk around the lake that existed there, we walked along a compacted rock pathway, which bordered the Lake. We spoke on the need of companionship. We discussed the different types of companionship. I was told by Artimus that strangely enough we do not change our companions greatly with each incarnation. With most of these companions we have unfinished business with them. He also explained that for me in my past incarnations I had a military or serving background. Education is key to my spiritual development.
This is a summary of my visitations to the Astral Temple this week.


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