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17th July Astral Temple Visit

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17th July Astral Temple Visit Empty 17th July Astral Temple Visit

Post  kristian on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 2:05 pm

Hi All, Jeremy.
As you all know I was absent from tonight class due to ill health, it is a separate health issue from my health issues from last week, so I wish to share with you all the visit I made to the Astral Temple this week.
On arrival at the Astral temples, focusing on overcoming the astral resistances and tides, I was met by the Nubian slaves, who lead me down a tree lined driveway, as if we were entering a stately English country mansion until we arrived at the steps of the Temple. Here I was met by Artimus, who suggested that we take advantage of the sunny day and sit on the chairs overlooking a large natural lake. It was very picturesque.
He spoke to me about understanding personal perception in regard to achieving common sense results when making day to day decisions in my life.
Key to making these decisions is to be focused on what decisions I want out of these situations, then look at these situations through other people’s eyes as to how they are influencing my decision, listen to them, read between the lines and question them. Perception is the development of our skills so that we have a clear defined understanding of being flexible in how we achieve our outcomes. The more information we are able to gather regarding the situation allows for greater flexibility in achieving our results.
Summing up perception is the gathering of all the facts and options that will effect or impact upon me arriving at a course of action or making a decision about what I want to achieve.
For me I should not be focusing on past situations in my life, as I will not achieve any results by living by living in the past. Trust my perception for future decisions I will be working on in my life.
Artimus then said that it would be good for me to go swimming in the lake, which I did, and we finished by having a coffee in the restaurant . He also encouraged me to come regularly to the Astral Temples.
Trust that you all had an enjoyable night, catch up with everyone next week.

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