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29th July Astral Temple Visit

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29th July Astral Temple Visit  Empty 29th July Astral Temple Visit

Post  kristian on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 2:08 pm

My Astral meditation which was about “self discipline”, received from Artimus.
A misconception about self discipline is that one must be hard, unbending and possibly arrogant. This is wrong. Self discipline is about “staying the course”, analysing situations to arrive at a solution or outcome which will provide the best outcome for one’s self. It is about not being taken off the path you want to travel by the conditioning and ignorance of others who, if you do not have self discipline, their comments seem logical
If you are challenged about yourself discipline most people panic and question themselves, negatively, which allows past conditioning to influence yourself. When implementing self discipline never be afraid to praise those who are questioning you, people love to be praised. In their mind your praise provides them with a false ego and reinforces their own belief. With your praise they will go into themselves thinking how wonderful they are, and leave you alone. Always be polite and never be condescending when expressing your beliefs to others. Self discipline provides flexibility in your thoughts to change your life and direction.

The second astral meditation I did, again through Artimus was how to encourage another person to achieve greater personal outcomes in their lives.
In the spiritual world technically it is not necessary to give or provide encouragement. In the spirit world we are our own masters, responsible for our own decisions based on our own thoughts
Being earth bound encouragement is necessary due to conditioning and constraints of our geographic location, the dependence of others and family units. Part of the lesson for being on the earth plane is how to survive as an individual, yet still be part of the human culture.
For children cheering them on to achieve their best in any situation allows for inner development while still living in a disciplined community. Young adults should be encouraged to test the belief structures or conditioning that they have been brought up on to validate and confirm that this conditioning that they have been brought up is right for them. They then add their own beliefs to the tested conditioning.
The encouragement for older people is how they negotiate and handle their own conditioning so that their obligations to others, e.g. family members, do not limit the family members from walking their own pathway. The older adult must be careful not to unduly protect or over influence others in having them be compliant to their conditioning
Distancing is a very effective tool to provide encouragement, others have to trust their own decisions to establish their self-esteem and confidence.


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