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1st of August Astral Temple Visit

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1st of August Astral Temple Visit  Empty 1st of August Astral Temple Visit

Post  kristian on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 2:09 pm

Astral Temple Meditations
The first meditation I received information about “Persistence”.
Persistence is not about being dogged and inflexible, in fact the more flexible you are the more persistence you are. Flexibility is the ability to be persistence to achieve results and outcomes in situations you want to resolve. It is not about taking on or making fool hardy or off the cuff decisions based on fear or lack of knowledge or information.
Persistence is also about being able to be patient in achieving outcomes, overcoming the obstacles of others, who limit your actions and outcomes. In order to be persistence sometimes it is necessary to be able to take a break and return to that situation refreshed, new thoughts and ideas will also provide persistence
Persistence is individual, it differs with everyone, others may view your persistence as stupidity, others may view your actions as being lazy, this is due to their understanding of persistence and applying their understanding of persistence to your actions. This is them judging you. Your persistence means that you are not influenced by the judgement of others.

In the second meditation we discussed our understanding of “Adventure”.
Again there is a spiritual and earthly understanding of the word, adventure, they differ. In the spirit realm the word is actually adventuresome, this is needed in spirit for the development and transition of all souls, no matter what level the souls is coming from or going to. Assistance is provided to all souls to progress no matter what level they are on. Souls exhibiting the trait of adventuresome are quickly identified by the souls who have a responsibility to assist souls in their transition. These souls will gravitate to the souls who exhibit their adventuresome. This allows other souls to see and evaluate adventuresome. It is also the desire to investigate and research and learn new subjects for self-development. Adventuresome souls will ascend much quicker than those souls who simply remain on the same plane for a long period of time. This is their choice, it is not laziness or negativity, it is choice.
Adventuresome on the earth plane can be associated with a person who knows no fear, remember fear only exists on the earth plane. Your early pioneers who travelled across unknown continents and seas were adventuresome. They showed no fear of what they were about to set out to do.
Children and animals at times show no fear; results can be positive or negative. These results help your earthly conditioning. It does not necessarily mean risk taking on the earthly plane

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