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7th August Astral Temple Visit

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7th August Astral Temple Visit Empty 7th August Astral Temple Visit

Post  kristian on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 2:10 pm

Hi All, Jeremy.
My Astral Temple meditations for this were about Confidence and Attunement
Confidence and foolhardiness can be confused by the people who lack understanding as to what confidence means. Confidence relates to the knowledge and a competent understanding of what a person wants to achieve and the successful resolution to situations that need resolving.
Confidence is also knowing where you want to go, what steps are needed to achieve personal success. Confidence also embodies research of all of these matters. Without confidence and knowledge positive steps and actions cannot be taken. If steps and actions are taken without confidence this shows that a person’s self-consciousness is evident, there will be a negative outcome if this is the case
Confidence is positivity not necessarily shown in the public arena. It is an inner sense and feeling in an individual. One does not have to display confidence to others, it is an inner positivity, it is also the ability to be organised in planning one’s actions and desires to achieve a positive outcome. It has nothing to do with others, timing and judgement also form part of confidence.
Attunement is about getting in tune with a subject, sound or vibration so that we on the earth plane can operate and communicate on the same frequency. On the earth plane a very obvious example is in music, the use of a tuning fork for musicians to tune their musical instrument.
The saying, “being in tune’, with someone is actually a physical vibration translated into a feeling by a person relating to the actions or feelings of another person, “I know what you are thinking”, is an example of one person being in tune with another. If used correctly attunement on the earth plane can allow the person attuning to another person or situation to be pre cognitive and therefore avoid any negative impact on themselves, to avoid involvement in situations you do not want to be, or should be involved with or in.
In the spirit realm attunement is all about your personal connection with spirit entities, it encompasses both thought and vibration. Vibration being your communication or involvement with a spirit entity on their energy frequency, you travel to them, because generally most spirit entities are confined to the frequency that they exist on, or re travelling through or on. With proper training, techniques and practice you can travel to the various energy frequencies that the majority of entities exist on. None of you realise what a powerful tool exists within you all to achieve greater communication and education from evolved beings if you practice your attunement. Rewards will astound you, and your transition will, be made pleasurable and easy.

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