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13th August Astral Temple Visit

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Post  kristian on Tue 20 Aug 2013, 2:11 pm

This word not commonly used these days, substituted with the use of the phase, “Goals and Aims”, Aspirations not seemed to be as positive, or as “with it”.
Aspiration means to have ideas and a pathway and actions to achieve and complete your ideas. Aspirations can be seen as only as thought processes, however actually involves physical actions as well. In the spirit world aspirations are about the thought process, the spirit plane is thought based, so all outcomes are thought generated. The earth plane needs physical action to achieve thought processes.
The word aspiration is often referred to situations in which a situation has been successfully achieved or completed. It can also apply to a situation in which we aim too high, the outcome is not practical or realistic, and these limitations are earth plane restrictions. If a person is serious about achieving his/her aspirations, then you have the right to adjust or alter your aspirations, take or evaluate a different path. Goals and aims are more corporate in application today, not individual. Aspirations are more individual, human based, self rewarding for personal effort.
More an earth bound word, means for an individual to compromise to achieve a different or perhaps a lessor outcome in a situation which gives partial success, not the full achievement what you want. It is the situation causing the compromise that needs evaluation. The situation you want to resolve is too big or outside your control, therefore you cannot achieve the result you want. Others do not see the situation that you want to resolve the same as you do. Compromise is not about being weak or bowing to greater pressure; it is about still achieving a result even though it may not be all that you want. Some success is better than no success. You can use the limited success that you have achieved as a platform at a later time if circumstances change, to allow you to re visit and achieve your original goal.
Compromise on the spirit plane is about being flexible in how you achieve your goals and outcomes; you do not have to content with the physical or material manipulation. Spirit compromising is achieved by having an open mind as to how the subject you want to achieve can be obtained. It is a self driven aspect of your soul’s pathway.

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