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3rd, Sept 2013

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Post  jeremy white on Tue 03 Sep 2013, 3:11 pm

Hi all, here are my astral meditations for the week,

The two meditations that I did were about the subjects, Elegance and Sincerity.

Comes from the word Elegant, people think that it means to look nice, that is only part of the meaning, it is about looking nice for the occasion, function or the situation you are presented with.
it can also mean how you present yourself, not only about dressing appropriately, but also how you present yourself verbally and to have the respect for others whose company you are in. Manners are part of elegance, does not mean upper class breading, nor does it mean to be financially well off, that can be part of showmanship or public presentation.
Elegance is about the intent of what a person wants to achieve given the boundaries that they must operate within, it can also be about conforming to established guidelines for given situations. It is more than the visual effect, it is what you want to achieve by being elegant , generally is it about being accepted by your peers and showing that you can conform to and accept guidelines , however you must always have a goal or purpose as to why you wish to be seen as being elegant by others. Always try and maintain your individuality when being elegant.

When meeting with Artimus and his assistant Regina to receive information about Sincerity, I was taken into a butterfly enclosure, there were hundreds of butterfly's of different colours and sizes flying around. It was very pretty and peaceful.

Sincerity on the earth plane relates to a persons attitude or actions toward other people , it has the intent of honesty behind it. It you are sincere you are true to your word and honest about your actions and speech.
By practicing sincerity allows a person to distance or remove themselves from karmic issues which create self doubt and allow insincerity towards themselves to re surface. As sincerity also relates to how a person believes in themselves , how they view their life's pathway and the best way for them to travel their pathway by being sincere in their thoughts and actions primarily to themselves but also to others.
Sincerity also transmits a sense of trust in a person, others will approach that person knowing that the advise and information they will receive is based on that persons belief in giving the best positive advise even though the receiver may not like or understand what the giver is saying. With patience the giver of the information will ensure that the advise given makes sense. The receiver has the choice to act or not.

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