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Astral temple 10/09/13

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Post  jeremy white on Tue 10 Sep 2013, 4:00 pm

As recommended by Craig last Wednesday night I visited a different temple this week and met with a different guide. I visited a blue temple which was located along a pathway past the gold temple that I have been visiting. I entered the temple and in front of me was an information booth, I asked the attendant that I would like to meet a guide who could provide me with information on a nominated subject. He asked me to wait and left the booth and soon retuned with a guide whose name was Archibald.
He was tall and wearing long flowing white robes and had a beard. He said we should sit in a garden area which was part of the temple, we sat down and he told me that we would talk about CONSISTENCY.

Consistency is the fabric holding together or not allowing us to waver or be taken off our pathway. It assists us in our evolution by being consistent in our disciplines and routines, as consistency requires us to maintain and perform to a standard at any time and for any period of time while performing psychic work, any work for that matter. It also allows us to maintain skill levels which can be improved by consistently performing and being aware of how our physical body is performing at the time we wish to do the work.

Consistency is about bringing together at an appointed time all facets of our skills which the spirit world recognises that we can and are willing to work for them. By being consistent in all areas of our life which encompasses our attitude, manners and how we view our obligation only to the spirit world, but our friends and family as well. Consistency is how we lead our life.

The second subject that we discussed during the week was NUTRITION.

For your earth plane existence nutrition impacts on what you eat and why you eat what you eat. It is divided into good and bad nutrition, up until the last 50 - 60 years there was really no bad nutrition, all food was processed naturally, people could over eat or under eat, but in general the food was natural and naturally nourishing, this still exists today with the people who live closely to the land and sea. With the development of synthetic and chemical substances to feed an ever increasing population nutrition or the goodness of the food has been diluted. Today food preparation has to be in many instances quick for fast consumption and ease of preparation, whereas a lot of natural food has to be cooked slowly over a long period of time so the goodness of the food is not lost.

Synthetic substances create artificial flavours and tastes. In the past nomadic people relied upon the harvesting of natural foods which varied according to the season, particularly vegetables and fruit. The cooking of slaughtered animals was slower and longer than today. The whole animal was cooked, not dissected as today, nutritional habits have changed, which has seen a drift away from natural cooking processes. For people today a balance in natural food products is needed to maintain a healthy body which can function as it is meant to.

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