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Post  jeremy white on Tue 17 Sep 2013, 4:19 pm

Hi all, Jeremy,
This week I journeyed to a green temple, and met with a spirit guide named Reginald, and the subjects we discussed were productivity and dalliance


The word productivity is used a lot to describe the result of people's labour, what people build, construct or manufacture then translated into a monetary value. Whilst this is correct it lacks or over looks personal achievement. Productivity in a persons life relates to his or hers personal achievement, not only in the work environment, but more importantly in that persons personal life, being productive relates to achieving a persons goals.
Achieving results which permits a person to better understand what their blue print relates to, and how they can further develop themselves to achieve their blue print for this incarnation. For individuals productivity should not be measured in production of items or material products, but how a person goes about diligently producing a result to elevate their spiritual understanding and knowledge.
Productivity is merely being productive in working toward achieving outcomes in all areas of your life to allow your soul to evolve and develop itself in this incarnation, success now eliminates work that has to be done in the next incarnation.


Dalliance revolves around having an understanding of what you want to achieve in a given situation. It can also mean having a secret agenda with people, to have a dalliance, not to be open and honest in allowing your actions and goals to be exposed to others, can be secretive, particularly in how you go about telling and exposing your intent with others. You know what you want to achieve, however your public actions suggest otherwise. The results of having this secretive agenda can only lead to future mistrust of you, or if you are on the receiving end of a persons dalliance then you certainly do not want to continue your friendship with that person.
Dalliance can mean that a person has an agenda that is born from obsession. That person does not have the ability in that situation to understand the karmic outcome of their actions not only with the other party, but also how their actions and outcomes take them down a karmic pathway that could take several incarnations to resolve. Dalliances do not have to be about people, they can be about situations and what people become obsessed with in their lives. In this situation it is about achieving a result which is hidden by a person from others in their life. Integrity and transparency are the opposite of dalliances

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