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Post  jeremy white on Tue 01 Oct 2013, 1:47 pm

Hi All this week I visited the a green astral temple and received education from a guide named Issiah, who said we would discuss the topics of Expectations and Convenience.

Expectations can be divided into two areas, one being a mental application of thoughts outlining outcomes you want to achieve from actioning your outcomes. You do not achieve any form of outcome unless you perform work to achieve the outcome. Another area of expectations is simply wishing for something to happen, you have ideas but in reality you are expecting others to provide you with an outcome to your to your situations. If outcomes are proactive they become your goals and as such can assist you in achieving your blueprint. An outcome or expectation can be the work you have done to evaluate if you can achieve your blueprint. As there is always an influence in achieving your expectations, which unless you focus on that influence will stop or prevent you achieving your blueprint. Remember all blueprints can be altered depending on the expectation or outcome you want to achieve. The outcome you achieve based on your expectation will be influenced on the positive work you do, or the influence of others, all outcomes can be revisited as there is no time or space in the spirit world, so outcomes or expectations can be changed to meet the expectations of the incarnation you were experiencing you were experiencing when you decided to action your expectation, an outcome to any expectation may take more than one incarnation.

Can mean a form of laziness in wanting results to resolve a situation, however you are not prepared to put time and effort into resolving this situation, can be an easy way out, convenient not to take action at that time, this never fully resolves an issue, it is a temporary outcome, the main issue will have to be re visited to fully resolve this issue. A convenient fix, pleases everyone bur again issue not resolved so that it is not of a concern. The saying, "convenient that it happened that way", actually relates to spirit influence taking a course of action by removing you from that situation and allowing others, including spirit, to resolve situation, therefore you are spared the pain and discomfort of this situation, can by sync in how you were removed from equation.
In physical terms convenience has meaning in that it is convenient not to change the physical situation you are in, e.g relationships, too afraid to express your feelings to achieve a result which will either improve your personal situation or allow you to break with the past and move on. Convenience can be explained by the word mediocrity, not prepared to take action to change or move on from the ever present familiarity you are currently experiencing, conditioning by others can be a factor, investigating and evaluating what it right for you is key to personal self achievement.

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