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Post  jeremy white on Tue 08 Oct 2013, 10:59 am

Hi all, Jeremy. During my Astral Temple visits this week I received information from an entity named Amadeus, whom I visited in a purple temple, in the temple we sat in a small room off the main chamber of the temple. The words we discussed were, clearance and license.

One of the meanings of clearance can mean being cleared by others to go into or along a pathway that is either foreign or forbidden by others to do so, this can relate to the security of the situation, if too dangerous don't let anyone else into the area. it can also mean that the people or person granted clearance has technical or special qualifications that will assist others in formulating what took place at a location.
It also means people or transport vehicles, trains etc, are stopped from travelling on a certain section of the road, track, because of safety reasons , or they are transporting or carrying something or a person of importance. At times clearance is not about being cleared by others, but it means that due to a persons qualifications he is cleared or authorised to take actions or make decisions that others cannot.
In spiritual terms you have cleared or have received clearance to ascend to a higher platform, you have done the work necessary to be accepted by your peers into a higher realm to learn about the higher realm. This is n ot a formal examination process, it revolves around how you treat others and the positive actions you take to transit yourself or how you assist others to learn and be educated so that they themselves can transit. With this clearance from one realm to another there is always entities waiting to welcome you and provide guidance for your next clearance.

Does mean to be authorised to perform a task, or have passed a test or achieved a standard to work machinery or be qualified in a particular field of achievement. Another meaning is, "To have or take license", means to have charge of a situation with power or authority to delegate, associated with this meaning is that you are charged to achieve an outcome or resolve a situation which demands your skill, attention and personal capabilities to motivate others to work on your behalf to resolve or overcome this situation.
To have the license or be in charge of a situation enables others to know who to approach to discuss their concerns about the situation you are in charge of. To be licensed or to have the license means you have in the eyes of others high responsibility in particular area of expertise. Your views and actions are taken seriously. They believe that you have the answer to the situation, in you they place their trust. In one way you are required to satisfy their expectations of what they believe you can achieve
This word pertains mainly to the earth plane, because in the spirit world everyone on a particular level is equal, there are educators who perform an individual role, not all encompassing.

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