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Tuesday 29th, October, 2013

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Post  jeremy white on Tue 29 Oct 2013, 4:18 pm

Hi all, Jeremy.
Travelled to the astral temple, which was a bright shinny red colour, and met an entity named Cornelius, who said that we were going to discuss the word, hate.

HATE This word is confined to the earth plane, because in spirit hate has absolutely no relevance or meaning, simply because the influence of spirit people over other spirit people does not exist, should a spirit who has recently passed from the physical world to the spirit world, who exhibited a high degree of hate on the earth plane, continue to exhibit hate, then he would be educated about his behaviour and would learn than the spirit world is all about one's self and how to evolve and move forward to higher planes of existence. Should there be a reluctance to accept this education, which is always given or provided in a loving way, then this entity would be allowed to continue his spirit existence on a plane where he can not influence spirit entities who are wanting to exist with other spirit entities in a caring loving existence. Ultimately the reality of how this spirit is leading his life on the spirit plane would become obvious, and the education process would begin.

On the earth plane however, Hate, is part of the daily existence for many people, borne out of several factors, of which jealousy is a primary source. People who exhibit hate toward other people, places, situations in their lives, and disappointment as to how their lives are going in comparison to those around them. hate is merely energy being used or manipulated for an outcome for that individual which will allow them to achieve or in their mind move on have taken advantage of another persons situation or generosity. It is about taking advantage of another person, situation of which that person cannot see that what they are creating in their life is simple ego driven based on jealousy. It is O.K to be ego driven to achieve the best result for ones self which does not create upset or division with others, however if the ego, combined with personal hate is used to detract or create for others pain or suffering, or situations which divert from them the fruits of their work, then the person exercising hate through personal ego, is creating a karmic situation for themselves which will have to be worked through either later in their current incarnation, or later incarnations. Whilst it is natural to experience disappointment on the earth plane the learning should be to look at that particular situation so a person can self educate themselves for greater personal achievement in the future.

jeremy white

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