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Post  jeremy white on Tue 19 Nov 2013, 1:36 pm

My Astral Temple experience.
I journeyed to the top of the mountain, was granted entrance to a vibrant white temple, by the temple guardians, where I was met by an entity named "Piedmont", who said that we would discuss the word, "virtuous"

Virtuous comes from the word virtue, virtue in general relates to an individual person or singular situation, whereas virtuous relates to a persons attitude in life, or how they conduct themselves in relation to the situations they find themselves placed in. In principle if a person is described as being virtuous they quite often are judged incorrectly, as others think that this person considers their opinions to be above the opinions of others, in others words their opinions cannot be faulted, they are right in every situations. Certain people certainly give that opinion, these people are generally self centred people not wishing to open themselves up to take on board the opinions of others with a view to objectively assessing a situation or person.

Actually if a person is a practicing virtuous person they via their thought process express an opinion which to the best of their ability encompasses all aspects of the situation being discussed or that they find themselves in. Quite often other people when hearing a virtuous persons opinion consider it to either ego inflated or repulsive to them. This can be the result of these people not being able to look at the situation with objective thoughts, so actually the people hearing a virtuous persons opinion are the one who are actually narrow minded or one's with an ego. So a broad definition of being virtuous is to be open minded to look at all the facts of a situation and to be able to view any outcome of a persons actions and the impact of their actions in a given situation.

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