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Post  jeremy white on Tue 03 Dec 2013, 12:45 pm

Hi All, Jeremy.
This week I journeyed to the astral temple, which was a bright green and met an entity by the name of "Alfreda", who sais we would discuss the word, "hopelessness".

The words hope and hopelessness are opposite to each, hope endeavouring to provide positivity, whereas hopelessness is about negativity. People who express the word hopelessness to describe a situation in their life are in many ways seeking sympathy, not looking for a positive outcome to this situation, they are throwing up their hands and walking away from the situation hoping others will find a solution for them. There is no responsibility attached to the word hopelessness. It is an earth bound word, because in the spirit world hopelessness does not exist as a person has the right to do nothing, therefore emotionally they are not worried about any situation which you would perceive to be negative, freedom of choice.

On the earth plane hopelessness is about an emotional negative situation creating self doubt in your life. You do not believe that there is an answer to this situation in your life, and you have walked away from all responsibility relating to this situation. Other factors which can bring about hopelessness are conditioning and being the martyr. Conditioning coming from others in your life traps you into not seeing any hope for yourself in a lot of personal situations that you want to change, the expectations of others weighs so heavily you simply give up on your implementing the change you wants and stay in the current emotional state that you are in. Being the martyr simply indicates that your actions are all about others, never yourself, so you never achieve personal happiness in areas of your life that can allow you to develop as an individual. A martyr has the ability to change because on a mental level they are constantly solving and working on other peoples problems, not their own, so potentially with change they culd improve their life and travel a pathway which is right for them.

jeremy white

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