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Post  jeremy white on Tue 10 Dec 2013, 10:37 am

Hi All, Jeremy
My Astral Temple journey this week was about the word "deceit", information given to me by an entity named "Natasha", I met her after travelling to an Astral Temple bright brown in colour.

The word deceit has associated with it nastiness, lying and endeavouring to take advantage of another person for their own gain by providing information which is totally incorrect, and if acted upon by the receiver will completely mislead the receiver and he or she will be either hurt emotionally, or receive a set of facts or information which if they act upon them will completely mislead them in achieving the result they were wanting to receive. These incorrect results could lead to great personal embarrassment or depending on the situation financial losses or the receiver taking action which will result in total failure, no positive outcomes can be achieved when a person employs deceit in a situation.

If a person practices deceit as part of their personality, this can hidden in their outward desire to be of assistance to another person, so that the incorrect information given will in some way benefit the giver so that he/she can gain a form of personal gratification for themselves. If a person constantly uses or practices deceit it is only a matter of time before a person with integrity becomes aware of this persons deceit and calls their bluff, to which their is no retreating from, as the persons deceit is then public knowledge, then others will not wish to be associated with that person, so they can be left isolated and mistrusted and simply not liked. Deceit can also be used in a business sense where companies or corporations deliberately provide misinformation regarding the actions of that corporation, or again misinformation about the benefits of products that they want the general public to buy. Ultimately the law catches up with these companies and they are fined heavily or they are forced to stop selling their products.

In some peoples view deceit mat provide short term rewards, ultimately those who practice deceit do not benefit from their actions. The universe is a great leveller of people and situations.

jeremy white

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