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Astral temple visit 14/01/14

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Astral temple visit 14/01/14 Empty Astral temple visit 14/01/14

Post  jeremy white on Tue 14 Jan 2014, 2:45 pm

Travelled to a silver astral temple and met with an entity named Remo, who said that we would discuss the word, clearance.

This word has, over the years had many meanings associated with the time that it was, or is being used.
In days gone by clearance gave a person the right to travel across borders into foreign land to seek new markets for trade between different nations. One reason why a clearance had to obtained was for the payment of taxes on the goods bought and sold by the traveller. The clearance stated what that person was interested in buying and selling, it may have been cattle, gold objects, fruit and spices. Spices were popular as they opened up peoples tastes and allowed for the development of traditional cooking for the various areas of the world. The silk trade grew out of travellers who were granted clearance to buy and sell silk to people in different lands. Because taxes were paid these travellers who had clearance often gave away to the nobility and to the tax collectors valuable pieces of silk etc, so that the payment of taxes was either dropped or reduced.

Today the word clearance has in essence been substituted with a range of paper work being more specific to the needs of the person making application for a clearance, the most common clearance document is now a passport, in which it must be stated or declared as to what is the purpose of the travel and what activities the applicant will be persuing while travelling in a foreign country. Again taxes will be paid if commercial property is being bought or sold.

During WW2 clearance meant that in shipping terms an area had been cleared of mines and ships could pass without fear of detonating a submerged mine, which if struck would probably sink the ship, and kill the crew.

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