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Astral temple visit tuesday 28/01/14

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Astral temple visit tuesday 28/01/14 Empty Astral temple visit tuesday 28/01/14

Post  jeremy white on Tue 28 Jan 2014, 1:57 pm

Climbed the mountain and entered a Golden Temple and introduced to an entity named "Artunga", who said we would discuss the word "Graciousness",

ON the earth plane this word can have several meanings depending on cultural and geographic locations, in western society graciousness was associated in the Victorian era with wealth and position, where the less wealthy or privileged had no station in life. People were of the opinion that if a person had graciousness then they were to be respected and looked up to, and with their privileged position in society literally demanded the obedience of those of a lessor station. However often it was the work done by he lessor people that resulted in the allowing others to achieve the position of graciousness.

Whilst this situation is not as prevalent today as it was in the Victorian are, other words have come to mean the same, i.e rank and position in a company, society or amongst the wealthy.

If a person exhibits true graciousness then they are in their manners and personality exhibiting a tolerance which is all accepting, in other words it does not matter to that person they see the goodness in all people and do not expect any form of gratitude from others for doing so, they have the ability to see a persons true character, or soul personality irrespective of what they person is saying or exhibiting in their life. Graciousness is about being gracious, accepting of another persons opinion, even if you do not agree with it, as the person exhibiting graciousness knows that all individuals have the right to display and exhibit their thoughts and actions, and lead their own life, a person exhibiting graciousness will only recommend pathways which will improve the quality of another persons life.

In the spirit world graciousness is acknowledged as a state of mind, simply because spirit people mix with and associate with like minded people, therefore there is total understanding by spirit people of what another spirit person is trying to achieve at that particular time and place on the spirit plane, there is always encouragement for spirit people to advance their knowledge and they are assisted by those spirit people who have the knowledge which will allow for the advancement of other spirit people. The giving of this knowledge is done with graciousness by the spirit people with no expectation of any reward or accolade for doing so.

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