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Post  jeremy white on Tue 11 Feb 2014, 2:03 pm

Hi all, Jeremy with my astral experience.
Travelled up mountain, entered a green coloured temple, and sough the assistance of an entity to provide education and experience, temple dweller informed me that an entity by the name of Astrid", would be with me to discuss the word, "Gratitude".

Astrid introduced herself to me and suggested that we discuss this word in the peaceful surroundings of the garden which formed part of the entrance to the temple.

Gratitude basically belongs to the earth plane for the simple reason that in the spirit world souls are generally grouped together that have a common education or understanding, so gratitude is only exercise by souls who understand what the word means and how it is expressed and communicated, so gratitude is not practiced or understood by all souls in the spirit realm.
However on the earth plane gratitude is a word and or action which can be used by any race or group of people on the earth plane no matter where they live.
In principle it relates to the attitude of a person being grateful for the receiving of a physical/material substance or article or information received which is freely given by a person which assists or advances another persons life or provides education in a situation in which the receiver only has limited knowledge as to what the options are in this situation.
A broad example of the physical/material situation is where a person receives say for their birthday a gift which they have been wanting, or which can assist their life in a material/physical way. In receiving this gift the person generally shows and expresses appreciation to the giver for giving them the gift.
A lot of the time a person when receiving information which can provide education can be ignorant of the impact on their life that this information will have, this can be due to stubbornness, or that they are simply cannot handle the impact that this information will have on their life at that time, so a time factor is invoked, as it is only later that the significance of the information is received.
In this situation it is up to the receiver how he accepts this information, and their response to it, if it is positive, and generally it is, then the receiver will generally thank the giver of this information.

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