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Post  jeremy white on Tue 18 Feb 2014, 1:49 pm

Hi all, Jeremy with my Astral Temple experience.
Travelled to a brown orange coloured temple where I met with an entity named "McQuinn", who said we would discuss the word, "Anticipation".

Anticipation revolves around a persons expectation, expectation about a situation will be resolved, or the outcome of that situation, or a person's anticipated actions in a situation where it is expected that person will either resolve a situation, or assist the person who is waiting on that persons anticipated actions or decisions. This persons actions or decisions will permit the person experiencing the anticipation to take a course of action that he can benefit from, normally personal benefit of some description.

The anticipation of the person waiting on the other person to take action or make a decision is a time where there is confusion and potentially upset within that person in the waiting period. The anticipating person is allowing the actions and potential decisions of the other person to dictate how that person reacts in their life, in other words manipulation either direct or indirect is present in the person waiting with anticipation on the other person.

If people experience constant anticipation in their lives, then several factors arte at play, one is the dependence on others to make decisions for them in their lives, so secondly there is manipulation or control in that persons life, the manipulation or control can be either deliberate or non deliberate by the other person, in fact the other person can be totally unaware as to how the decisions he makes in his life impact on the life of the other person, it is not up to this person to tell the other to stop being reliant on him, as the other person has responsibility for his own decisions and actions. At times it can be simply a case of the other person copying the first person, who is an influence in the other persons life.

There is encouragement in these situations for the people who are reluctant to follow their own judgement or intuition, to simply make a common sense decision based on the facts of the situation, and the success that they want to achieve in their life.

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