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Post  jeremy white on Tue 04 Mar 2014, 2:22 pm

Hi all, Jeremy with my astral temple visitation for the week,
Entered a blue temple, and was introduced to an entity whose name was "Amadeus", who took me to the garden area and said we would discuss the word, "Expectation".

If a person has an expectation of a situation or expects a person to meet his expectation, what they are expecting or their desire in this situation is for outcomes or rewards or behaviour to match what they expected from the situation or person. All people have expectations, they want their life to change, want or expect their relationships to improve, and have expectations as to want out of their job. The key issue in a person wanting expectations, is in fact, what effort are they putting into the situation to get their expectations, so in principle expectations is self driven.

However because most people rely on others to meet their expectations they are wanting others to conform to a particular way of thinking, which the other person may find repulsive or not agree with the other persons view. Therefore the word expectations has been taken and manipulated to make others follow the others persons advise and guidance so that this person gains from that persons work and effort and takes the credit for the other persons work, whereas the true meaning of expectation is a person wanting an anticipated or planned reward or outcome from a situation or person for the work that they do in that situation, or the assistance they provide for the other person. In the case of providing assistance for others the person providing the assistance should be giving this assistance because he or she can, any reward or compensation does not enter into it, a person should not want any reward for assisting a fellow person achieving their a goal which will allow them to lead or enjoy a life free of domination or manipulation. Expectation is about exercising an action from the heart to help people, or if wanting expectation for the effort a person does themselves, to benfit their own life.

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