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Post  jeremy white on Tue 01 Apr 2014, 2:02 pm

Greetings everyone, Jeremy with my Astral Temple visitation.
I travelled to up the mountain and entered a gold shimmering Temple, where I was introduced to an entity by the name of "Brutus", who suggested that we go to a reading room, where we discussed the word, "Conviction".

He informed me that this word, conviction has at many times been totally misunderstood, due to fact that there appears to be a connection to the word convict, which means, prisoner, so conviction at times has been seen to mean that a person can become a prisoner of his/her thoughts or actions, whilst there may be depending on how individuals act, a prisoner of their own doing.

Whereas a more enlightened and positive meaning of the word conviction, actually relates to how a person goes about achieving positive results in their life, it describes both action and thoughts relating to personal achievement, which is success in achieving your life's pathway, so conviction has a connection to how we view and achieve our blue print. Initially conviction relates to the thoughts we have as to how we will achieve or work on our life's pathway, we assess what is right or wrong pathway for us to travel. However the real test is do we have the conviction to implement our thoughts, this describes our true conviction.

If we follow our true convictions in all areas of our life, then change is bound to happen, this change promotes transformation in our life's, which again tests our conviction, because can we absorb and accept this change, do we have the conviction of our thoughts and actions to put aside comments from friends and loved ones who cannot accept, or do not want to accept that we are changing, so our change challenges them, remember our convictions only relate to our life, not the life of others, they have to follow their own convictions, and to be positive, at times everyone does this, however consistency is the key action.

So by having the conviction to follow our thoughts and actions our lives are transformed and we are following our true life, our blue print, this makes the work of our soul more relaxing and enjoyable, our soul can enjoy our journey also.

jeremy white

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