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Post  jeremy white on Tue 15 Apr 2014, 2:30 pm

Hi All, Jeremy with my astral temple experience for this week.

Travelled up the mountain and entered a shinny green reflective temple, where I met an entity with the name Orpheus, who said that we would be discussing the word wonderment

These days the word wonderment is reflective of what a person sees in another persons body, facial, expressions, actions and comments, in particular adults share with others the wonderment of an experience that children are going through or see at that point in time, the wonderment of the experience is clearly shown on their facial expressions. It does not matter if it is children or adults, the word clearly allows others participate and share with that person their experiences of what they are travelling through at that given moment or time.

Generally wonderment describes for that person a new or different experience, for children it may be the wonderment of a Punch and Judy show, in the children's mind how can such small funny people be saying what they are saying, it is the wonderment of the experience. So wonderment is both visual and mental, seeing the experience, which has potentially a life long impact on them, and retaining in their memory the experience of that situation. However with time, and perhaps age, the mind either over analysis this situation or embellishes it, so that it becomes distorted, time has a habit of providing a different mental outcome and judgement of that experience. so what it happening is that the human mind simply cannot accept the reality of that experience at that given time of their life, people believe that they, with age gain maturing and their current mind must be smarter than their mind at the time of the experience.

If only people could simply accept the circumstances and the enjoyment that they experienced at that time, and take that experience with them into their future as they experienced it at that time, their memory would have recorded within it an accurate visualisation or record of how it was, not what it has become. A lot of the time self consciousness creates this distortion, as adults do not wish to admit that still within them child hood memories exist. This is simply part of self growth, and creates a library of childhood experiences which adults can share again with their children or grandchildren, which enriches their experiences and influences their lives.

jeremy white

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