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Post  jeremy white on Tue 29 Apr 2014, 3:10 pm

Hi all, Jeremy

Travelled to a deep blue astral temple, which was reflecting the colour back out into the sky.
I met with an entity named Constansia, who told me that we would talk about the word empowerment.

This word, like so many in todays society is being taken out of contex, and bandied around by people endeavouring to portray themselves as some kind of expert in providing encouragement to others in how they should lead or change their lives.
In its original meaning, empowerment relates to a persons own ability to change their life by taking the positive steps by themselves for themselves to change their life, so with a persons desire to do this a person must first come to the reality that they actually want to do this, so it actually a person being self motivate to change their life, they are empowering themselves to do this, not having a person telling them to do it, as it is all about the person, not the person advocating a change.

How can a person making such a broad statement about another persons life know what that person is wanting to change in their if they even want to change their life at all. There has to be thought and intent behind the desire to empower yourself to change your life, a person telling you to do this lacks knowledge and understanding about a persons life, unless on a personal level they are involved in that persons life, then the word empowerment should actually become encouragement, for without encouragement most people will not take the necessary steps to discover their souls pathway and change their life.

So the word empowerment when being uttered by a person in a general term is merely showing that persons lack of how to provide encouragement to people without becoming or being individual for that person. Real empowerment also relates to a persons ability to provide the encouragement for others, how they go about motivating others without exercising control and manipulation in another persons life, allowing that person to take positive action to change their life.

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