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Post  jeremy white on Tue 13 May 2014, 2:19 pm

Hi all, Jeremy with my astral temple visit

Travelled up the mountain and entered a bright yellow temple, where I was asked to take a seat and an entity would be with me shortly.
A tall entity with the name of "Akrood", introduced himself and suggested we talk in the garden area, which was a short walk along a passage then out into the garden area, which was enclosed.

He informed me that we would discuss the word "Consquence".

Consquence is about taking action, it is a doing word, however it has become aligned to situations which can be interrupted that there may be a negative outcome or results which a person does not want to experience for having taken action to overcome a situation in their life that they wish to resolve. It implies that the person taking the action will have to wear the consquences of their action, in a negative fashion.

However consquences can also be about achieving results which can empower the person taking the action. It is other peoples view of the action taken that creates within them a sense of disruption or that they are going to impacted by this persons actions. The action taken by the person is generally to resolve or arrive at a situation which allows a positive outcome to what the person is wanting to resolve. Other people who do not want to take positive action in their lives and rid themselves of negativity are un settled by this as this persons actions challenges them to work on themselves,

So the word consequence actually relates to the thoughts and actions of others as to how they respond to what is challenging them in their own lives, are they prepared to take action even though others may not see how it will benefit them, as they are not looking the positive aspect of that persons actions. It is all about being positive in ones own life, being responsible for your own actions irrespective as to how others see you in their life, so a person as to wear the consquences of their actions for their own positivity.

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