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Post  jeremy white on Tue 20 May 2014, 2:02 pm

Hi all, Jeremy
With my Astral Temple visit.
Climbed the mountain and entered a bright shinny silver temple and was introduced to an entity by the name of Malcom, who said we would discuss the word cantankerous

This word has been associated down through the ages to describe old men who simply are so set in their ways that when perhaps challenged about the thoughts cannot see what the other person is referring to and in their mind are simply wrong, there is only one answer to any situation, and that is the way they perceive a situation to be. So cantankerous relates to the inability for a person, irrespective of age to be flexible in their outlook on any subject or to be open that there may be other views held by other people just as right or valid as these is.

This word can also be used as an excuse by people to dismiss a persons view point due to their pointed attitude or their lack of willingness to look at the other side of the coin, people should not necessarily dismiss the view point of a person who is cantankerous, as quite often they can have a valid point of view regarding a subject or situation. People who are isolated in their world, or do not have the opportunity to engage in health discussion with others become cantankerous as they are forced or challenged to step outside their comfort zone, which is at time fearful for them.

The way to engage a cantankerous individual is to simply encourage them to explain their point of view, and then simply explain your point of view not to discredit them but to hopefully open their mind to the fact that other people opinion has validity or make sense which cannot be denied, it is not about telling others that they are wrong, but encouraging them to adopt an open mind so that they can educate themselves and allow others to come into their lives, this makes them nicer people and everyone benfits from each others points of view in a manner which prootes harmony and good will.

jeremy white

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