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Post  jeremy white on Tue 15 Jul 2014, 2:49 pm

Hi all Jeremy, with my Astral Temple experience.

Travelled to an Astral Temple bright blue in colour, and met with an entity by the name Jacobi, who said we would discuss the word, "Consternation".

This word is basically earth bound, by that consternation is not a spirit dilemma, because on the spirit plane the thought process allows for the resolution of all situations faced by spirit entities, if that spirit entity is not educated to resolve issues, the thought process of other more educated entities allows for the situation to be resolved, however on the earth plane Consternation is a though process as well as a physical process, however both processes do not have to used implemented at the same time, or as what can transpire the physical process is borne out of the thought process and generally implemented straight after the thought process.

On the earth plane Consternation refers to a person experiencing or having thoughts as to how a situation or problem can be solved, if fact the thought process that that person is going through is not or does not provide a logical or common sense outcome or resolution, as a consequence that person is confused and lacks direction as to how a situation can be resolved. Regrettably consternation in some people is a way of life, or thought, they very rarely resolve issues, situations with their thought initially, it often takes another person to guide these people in the right direction, mentally, to resolve their issues. Depending on the maturity of the person. Even with the guidance of a more experienced person the person exhibiting a state of consternation is still at times reluctant to take on board the information, which does not allow for a physical outcome, by that I mean, translating thought into action, as on the earth plane in a lot of situations resolution can only be achieved via physical action emanating from the thought process.

People who exhibit constant consternation should be encouraged to simply keep the, or look at the situation in simple terms, simplicity will allow an answer to be achieved, the simple solution is more obvious than the complex solution, in fact one step at a time, breaking down situations to look at the simple solution as the answer.

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