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Post  ~MattheW~ on Sat 26 Feb 2011, 8:35 pm

So we are all looking to learn something more, something that offers a 'truth' to which we can believe in and trust. We search for more in the hope that we might be able to offer something to others or even ourselves with help and assistance from the spirit realm. We can learn to listen to ourserlves or we can learn by the experience of others. What's most important is that we understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves then helps us to understand communication from spirit. While a certain amount of maturity is involved, it's extremely important not to lose site of what we are each learning as individuals. We all have a our life paths and so we all have different traits and aspects to learn. We need to ensure that to progress we must both enjoy and be interested in ourselves. To progress we can only evaluate ourselves. Comparing ourselves to others is simply a waste of time and serves no purpose. For we all have a different destiny to fulfil. We must honour as best we can the purpose for which spirit is trying to guide us. We can enjoy this, we must learn that respect for the spirit realm is extremely important. Progression can be allowed through understanding ourselves. Not much point in understanding the path of someone else really is there? Progression through ourselves and our own lives. Progression through respect. Progression through determination. Progression through persistance. Progression....... in our individual lives..

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