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Anniversaries in Spiritualism - March

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Anniversaries in Spiritualism - March Empty Anniversaries in Spiritualism - March

Post  Helen on Fri 18 Mar 2011, 8:01 pm

7 Mar 1933 - William Hope (1863-1933) passes into the world of spirit at the age of 70. William spent his early life as a carpenter and in 1905 discovered his talent as a spirit photographer. Hope established the “Crewe Circle” comprising a group of 6 spirit photographers. After WWI the services of the Crewe Circle increased dramatically as grieved relatives sought their assistance in contacting their loved ones who had died in the war. Hope eventually moved to London and became a professional medium.

9 Mar 1940 - Jack Webber (1907-1940) passes into higher life after suffering a brief illness. Jack was a Welsh miner and in attending the home circle of his fiancé’s family discovered his gift of physical mediumship. Jack primarily worked in private home circles however he also demonstrated his mediumship in front of audiences of up to 500 people. Harry Edwards, the famous healer and also close friend of Jack's wrote about Jack’s abilities in the book “The Mediumship of Jack Webber”.

10 Mar 1858 - William Eglington (1857-1933) passes into higher life. William’s father had an interest in spirituality and established his own home circle. William was reluctant to join and it was only at his father’s insistence that he attended. It was sitting in this circle that William realised his own physical mediumship abilities. William travelled the world cementing his reputation as a physical medium. His séances had full materialisations and he was proficient in achieving full materialisations in light, including open air séances. William had two guides who he predominantly worked with, Joey and Abdullah. On occasions these guides were known to come through at the same time.

10 Mar 1909 - Gerard Croiset (1909-1980) was born in Utrecht, Netherlands. Croiset was a medium and is most remembered for his psychometry skills. It is documented that Croiset assisted Dutch police with investigations into missing persons and murder. As his reputation grew he also assisted police in other parts of the world including Australia. Croiset was also a spirit healer and people would visit his clinic for healing.

10 Mar 1968 - Gladys Osborne Leonard (1882-1968) passes into higher life. Gladys was a highly respected trance medium who was submitted to numerous investigations for over 50 yours. She worked with two main guides, Freda and her healing guide North Star. It has been recorded that her guides and other spirit friends could be seen in subdued light against the white walls “like clearly-cut shadows, which showed up perfectly against the light background”. In 1931 Gladys published her autobiography “My Life in Two Worlds”.

12 Mar 1979 - Peggy Flint (1886-1979) passes into higher life at the age of 92. Peggy was born in Hertfordshire, England. She was a trance medium and teacher of spirit healing. She demonstrated proof of life in various Spiritualist churches throughout the United Kingdom. Peggy’s main guide “the Chief” always referred to Peggy as his “Cloak”. At the outbreak of WWII Peggy commented on the importance of the Rescue circle to assist the large number of people passing into the spirit world. Peggy with the assistance of Charles Williams established the Harrogate Spiritualist Church in England. Peggy past away at the age of 92.

17 Mar 1893 - Eileen Garrett (1893-1970) was born in County Meath, Ireland. Eileen was a medium, psychic researcher and author. She trained as a medium at the British college of Psychic Science from 1924-28. Eileen established the Parapsychology Foundation in 1951.

19 Mar 1910 - James Smith (1820-1910) passes into higher life. James was born in Kent, England and in 1854 he migrated to Melbourne, Australia and joined The Age newspaper as a leader-writer. James cemented his beliefs in spiritualism in the 1870s and became an outspoken advocate. He established relationships with well-known spiritualists from Europe and published many articles in the Australian spiritualist magazine Harbinger of Light. There are some suggestions that James tried to educate his children by “magnetically transmitting to their minds the wisdom of dead scholars and artists”. James died at his home in Hawthorn, Melbourne from cystitis and is buried at Boroondara cemetery.

19 Mar 1930 - Arthur James Balfour (1848-1930) passes into higher life. Balfour was the UK Prime Minister from 1902-1905 and had a strong interest in psychic research. Balfour studied at Cambridge Trinity College and was a pupil of Prof Henry Sidgwick, one of the co-founders of Society for Psychical Research (SPR). Balfour served as President of the SPR in 1893 and then continued on as Vice-President for many years. Balfour lost the love of his life in 1875 and in 1912 he began receiving messages from her through various mediums. The SPR defined this case as one of the most evidential on their records. Balfour past away in Surrey, England.

20 Mar 1833 - Daniel Douglas Home (pronounced 'Hume') was born in Scotland and his mediumship abilities extended to direct voice, trance, clairvoyance and most notably physical mediumship. When Home was a child, he emigrated with his aunt and uncle from Scotland to America and once his reputation as a medium was established in that country he returned to England in 1855. In England Home conducted numerous séances, which were attended by many of the best-known names of the time, including Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle amongst others.

23 Mar 1822 - James Peebles (1822-1922) was born in Vermont. He was ordained a Universalist Minister and shortly afterward discovered spiritualism. Peebles was a medium and travelled America, accompanied by his “band of angels” giving lectures on spiritualism. He married in 1852 and it is recorded that his wife, Mary, developed as a spirit artist. Peebles wrote many articles for the spiritualist paper Banner of Light and also authored a number of books. Peebles died in Los Angeles in February 1922 shortly before his 100th birthday.

23 Mar 1847 - Edmund Gurney (1847 - 1888) was born in England. He was an author however is probably best remembered for his work as a psychical researcher. Gurney was educated at Cambridge University and was one of the co-founders of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). In 1874 Gurney along with his friend Frederic Myers started attending séances and they were witness to some impressive spirit phenomena while sitting with William Stainton Moses. After Gurney’s death, he returned from the spirit world through various mediums and in 1889 Gurney made contact through Leonora Piper with messages for Sir Oliver Lodge. Gurney spoke to Sir Oliver about the ease of recognising a medium from his side of the veil “They are like transparent windows to see through”. Gurney also commented that “All the time I’ve been here I have only found two mediums besides this one [referring to Leonora Piper]. More people might be mediums, but many won’t when they can.”

24 Mar 1874 - Harry Houdini (1874 – 1926) was born in Budapest, Hungary. Later in life Harry would claim to have been born on 6 April 1974 in Wisconsin, USA. Arthur Conan-Doyle believed that Houdini was a powerful spiritualist medium and attributed his escape techniques to Houdini’s paranormal abilities. Houdini died from peritonitis on Halloween, 31 October 1926.

29 Mar 1772 - Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772) passes into higher life. Swedenborg was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He was a philosopher, scientist and author. When Swedenborg was in his mid-50’s he experienced his spiritual awakening and wrote numerous books on the subject. Swedenborg’s ideas for his books came directly from inspiration received through his dreams and visions.

31 Mar 1848 - Hydesville Rappings are considered to be the beginning of modern spirituality with a direct communication with spirit. Margaret and Catherine Fox are children when they discover they can communicate with a spirit person through taps and knocks on the walls of their home. This communication revealed the name of the person and how he was murdered in that house long before the Fox’s moved in. Sometime later their brother would discover the body of the murdered salesman buried beneath the house.

31 Mar 1869 - Allan Kardec (1804-1869) passes into higher life. Kardec was a psychical researcher, author and teacher. He was convinced that life continues after death and saw no reason to discover further evidence of life beyond the grave. Kardec’s main interest in his psychic research was to obtain higher learning from the spirit world. Kardec’s two daughters were mediums and were known as the Boudin sisters.


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