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Post  jeremy white on Tue 08 Jul 2014, 12:33 pm

Hi All, Jeremy
Travelled to the astral temple which was gold in colour giving off a vibrant gold glow. I entered the temple ans was introduced to an entity by the name of Photine, who said we wold discuss the word "Illusion",

The word can be both a visual illusion or a mental illusion. The visual illusion can sometimes be described as your eyes playing tricks with you, whereby you see something that is not actually there. What people do not realise is that a lot of the time the spirit word is wanting to communicate, visually with these people, however due to their lack of spiritual awareness, or lack of acceptance that the spirit world exists, the spirit communication is not recognised, and not acted upon, the spirit world will often communicate this way to visually show us situations which will or may happen in our lives, and their communication will provides us with answers or a plan of action so that we are not disadvantages. This communication can be incredibly quick, and we eith miss it entirely, or only pickup on part of it. In order to achieve a better result, rather than just dismiss it as an illusion, talk to the spirit world to acknowledge the visual communication, and ask them to provide further information, either repeat the information, visually, or via another form of spirit communication.

A mental illusion is all about thought, which if not properly understood can create a situation mentally in a persons mind that what they think about a situation or person is simply not true, however on a mental level they cannot accept the true facts as their thoughts simply cannot accept these facts, consequently they become mentally unable to accept that what they think is merely a figment of their imagination, or illusion, Culture, conditioning can play a part in the formation of a mental illusion, a person so fixed in their culture cannot accept a differing point of view, consequently they are prejudiced toward that person who hod a different view, or comes from a different cultural background. A person who is so fixed in their thoughts, or narrow minded if you like, cannot or will not accept another point of view which differs to their own, they do not have an open mind, to investigate problems or situations that arise in their life. Quite often they are know for their fixed views, so that communication from other people is limited.

jeremy white

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