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Post  jeremy white on Tue 06 May 2014, 10:11 am

Hi all, Jeremy, with my astral temple experience.
Went to the top of the mountain, and entered a shinny white temple, where I was directed to wait for an entity in the Library. I sat in the Library and an entity with the name "Artimus", came and introduced himself. He said that we would discuss the word "Sharing", today.

The meaning of the word has changed over the eons of time, whereas today it is not taken voluntart as it was , and is meant to be. If society is observed today yes sharing is practiced and encouraged, particularly by loving parents with young children to teach and educate them that is alright to share with others their toys, articles, food etc, so that they can assist or give to other children something that they do not have, and know that their action is performed from the heart of the giver.

It from the heart that the meaning if sharing has not changed, because the word sharing is and was meant to be emanating from the heart, it described an action of personal generosity performed without ant though of repayment on behalf of the giver, even if the giver does not have or posses unlimited amounts of what they are sharing. Sharing is a thought action which is meant to provide assistance and comfort to the receiver. Because of the change in how people live these days sharing is now perceived that a repayment is necessary either at the time of giving or at a later date, this comes from the isolation of people, as you do not live in a tribal or extended family environment, where not sharing was not practiced, as the sharing of wordly goods, food etc in those days was how people survived. It enabled and provided security and comfort to know that if a family did not posses food or an item at that time others would share what they had with that family. Sooner or later that family would share their items with others, so the cycle continued.

This is not practiced today due to the demographic environment that people live in. People if they want something instead of other people offering to share will go and buy what they want or simply go without, the isolation of individuals has created this environment. Certainly families and close relatives exists, as so it should, however the the practice of sharing with neighbours, friends, and the broader society rarelt is practiced, thus further isolating modern man from one of the most basis of human functions, i.e. communication with each other.

jeremy white

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