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Post  carolyn on Tue 08 Feb 2011, 11:38 am

hi everyone,

ive been doing a bit of reading lately and noticed that in pretty much every book ive picked up the terms of vibration and connection are present, yet ive never given much consideration on how each of these impacts/is specifically needed in each of the different area's of mediumship.

In one of Harry Edwards books he shares that vibration "it is truly used to connect the vibratory matter (physical world) with the realm of spirit which is also vibratory" he shares that all matter is atomic and so of course are our bodies, which are composed of differing common chemicals. These are subject to the physical laws of vibration that govern atomic behaviour. The forces that go to form the character of the atom are vibrations of the ether." He shares that it is the same etheric potentials that the spirit operators are able to create,"for the time being, physical, atomic matter in the creation of ectoplasmic instruments and for the recreation, in a seance, of the materialised living forms of those that have "died".
It makes sense that without the connection of the 2 vibratory matters results are going to be fairly slim.

In healing the manipulation of the states of vibration provides the linking/connection of the realm between spirit and the world of matter, which then provides the essential connecting lead between the 2 states of existence.
Different levels of vibration are required for different types of healing, that level of vibration is also going to dictate which spirit doctor, guide, chemists,experts, surgeons that we work with along with the results that we are going to get.
Connection is equally important here as the connection to our patient and spirit friend's will assist with any diagnosis whether this be gained clairvoyantly etc, sense, telepathic, direct communication with our spirit friend, viewing the auric body of the patient etc. If our vibration /connection is at a lower level we are going to be utilising our own etheric energy and giving energy to our patients injury insead of healing the cause of the illness. Once our vibration and our connection to our spirit friends is up and running it makes sense that we are able to then simply provide the vehicle for our experts to do what they are best at.


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vibration/connection Empty awareness/consciousness

Post  kristian on Wed 09 Feb 2011, 10:33 am

im listening to an audio book by carolyn myss its called anatomy of the spirit and she mentions many times about healing will work much better if the patient has an awareness or consciousness about the spirit world and that they are much more than just a physical being. Which if you think about it would be true because then the patient is much more open and accepting of the healing, It would also most likely mean that they wouldnt require the healing in the first place.

So that would be another factor for good healing results.
Very interesting book, after i finish with it im moving onto energy anatomy by the same author.

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