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Post  carolyn on Thu 31 Mar 2011, 8:05 am

Hi Everyone,
Brooke had a book for her natropothy course about the history of natural therapy's. In picking it up I opened it to a page that was about Indian cultures and their totems. Along with each individual having their own totem there was also many totems that they as a tribe "prayed" to for a stipulated reason. Hunting, healing, sending off the dead, gathering both food and medicinal plant matter being the most obvious.
In contemplating this I found that something that seems such a small thing can have massive results. We are aware that there are circle guardians, yet have each of us gone the extra mile to have met and built a relationship with them? or on a healing level, readings etc that can be called upon to assist. It makes sense that a group focusing with intent is going to carry a far greater vibration with it providing far greater results, it would also take out any heirarchy that may be present and place each person both physical and spiritual on an even footing on an energy level. It also makes sense that doing this would assist in raising a whole group consciousness a hell of a lot quicker.


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