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developments in spirit photography

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developments in spirit photography Empty developments in spirit photography

Post  kristian on Mon 08 Aug 2011, 4:29 pm

hello everyone havnt done a post in this section in a while so I thought i would share some stuff that has happend over the past couple month in regards to the development of it all.

I have been playing with the film camera lately to the point that the camera broke haha and stopped working half way through a roll of film so I went and got a camera from an op shop to continue the experiments.

This is a good thing actually because it gives me a chance to check the differences of the two cameras in terms of results for example the camera I started off with was my fathers and so the energy that is left with the camera is going to be different to the op shop's camera in which has someone elses energy as well as all the people that it came into contact with.

The other difference is that my digital camera is my camera and so has my energy built into it and more of it infact because I have been using it far more than the others.

Now I keep the developped photos in a box so that no light can touch it as well as I consider it to be my mediumships treasure haha. bit like a pirates booty.
So I will eventually decide to bury it to test out the results since I keep refering it as my treasure.

as i type this i am working insperationally so there will be some added information from spirit.

the other results that I want to talk about is that in the begining i notices that they would build there faces or shapes or bodies from the people that are in the room so for example from clothing or body parts of the physical people in the room. I have indeed got a film photography where they use my Dad's arm and build another arm and hand that is huge its more of a giants hand and its female loooking in terms of thin fingers and that takes up more of the photograph.

Lately I go to look in my bag where my camera is and it has been turned on and all the battery drained from it and so i have been trying to work out why this is happening and for what purpose.
The only thing i can work out from is that they could be working on the camera or the more likely option is that they are working on the excisting photos on the camera and so that would mean that they cant access the photos unless its on. Only theories tho.

I've aquired in the past a photo of a spirit dog in the backyard. It would seem i have got another spirit animal type of photo which is good because I want all forms of spirit photography all the way to even elementals and faeries.
The photo is of Alice one of my class mates at Australian School of Perception and she has 2 animal tails drooped over her shoulder one is fluffy looking the other has white rings on it which is pretty good.
Alice works with Animals so it makes sence that they are there.

Latley I've been testing the pararmeters of permissable states in order to measure the effect and how much it changes the quality.

We recently had a practice Perception at our school and I got a chance to test out some new trials that i have formulated in my head and so I tested out having a +1.5 exposure on the film camera as exposed to a photo with the flash on the film camera.
We shall see how that turns out:)

With the digital I was trying to not expect anything and i had in my mind that the conditions wernt exactly right for it yet i took the photos anyway to see what would happen. I had a few blue marks in the phot that look like faces are in there. My intention is to find a way to strengthen the faces in a short amount of time to see what that may produce..

My lastest endevours have been that I recently found that I can take a photo of an excisting photo in a frame and they will change the person that is in the photo and replace them with themselves.
Now i think they do this by using the pictures as building materials I also recently by doing this exact method got my first colour spirit photo and that was done by using the coulours from the original painting, Yes in that case I used a painting or a drawing of some sort to do this so it bridges accross showing that spirit photography can play in the grounds of Spirit Art if needed or if that is the aim which gives me many options.

I've been wanting to try a battery experiment to see what would happen and note the results.
So to see what would happen if I used a spirit artist as a battery or a person that does automatic writing.
Which pretty much answers how on some spirit photos that there is writing there must of been someone in the room with the ability or either automatic writing or direct writing and combinded it with spirit photography.

I've got many little projects lined up to see what will happen


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developments in spirit photography Empty Re: developments in spirit photography

Post  caroline on Fri 12 Aug 2011, 10:19 pm

Hi Kristian,

It would be interesting to hear if any of the spirit photographers you were interested in had anything to add.
When they came through via William (David Thompson), they were pretty convincing they would be there for you as long
as you were doing the work, which you are.
I would be interested to hear in what sort of things have come through to you since then.

Keep up the good work and it's nice to hear we both now have a treasure (lol)



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