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Wednesday 25th, Sept 2013

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Post  jeremy white on Wed 25 Sep 2013, 8:22 am

Hi all, my visits to the Astral Temple this week were about the following subjects, Creation, and Resourcefulness.
This week the colour of the temple I visited was Orange, and the guide I met was named Johannson.

The meaning of this word certainly covers the situation where something is constructed or made from materials which initially had no connection with the finished object. This is physical or material construction. Creation also covers the birth of a child, the coming together of male and female individuality to create a new life. This has been mankinds driving influence over the thousands of years of existence
The common thread in these described situations is the bringing together of raw or separate material or articles which when combined or constructed create an article, product or an individual person. The same creation applies to all living creatures and animals. These days there has been less wonderment with individual creation due to automated processes in manufacturing and productivity, however individual craftsmanship is still admired and wondered at.
On a universal spiritual level the word creation has throughout history been hijacked by individuals who have given views on the creation of the universe which are merely the thoughts of individuals pushing their own beliefs. The creation of the universe has never been completed or finished, it is not meant to be , because the universe is constantly changing based on the creation of new planets, systems and the changing of the existing systems etc, nothing is fixed, everything in the universe is about creation, forming or changing or disappearing, you are part of that process.


Comes from the word resource, can be tom have the material equipment and tools to perform a task, e.g building an item or physical object. Expand this word to resourcelfulness, means to have not only physical or material equipment, but now to embrace your mental capabilities or powers. Being resourcefull mentally means you are using your mental powers, particularly your objective mental powers to project or anticipate what you need, or what action you have to take in the future to achieve a result which will benefit you.
Resourcelfulness is the mental creativity of your higher self to also avoid or not to become in situations which may or may not impact upon you suddenly, whereby your reaction is inappropriate and could damage you on a mental level. Recourcelfulness is also all about accessing knowledge that resides within you, which can and will assist you avoid making mistakes that are driven by past mental or emotional experiences. These experiences can severely influence how you live your life in this incarnation, so by acknowledging this past experience you avoid karmic situations.
Practically resourcelfulness is simply about not over reacting to a situation and question where this situation is borne from by addressing your knowledge, past, present and future to resolve this situation.

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