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Time to recall:) A little quiz for Tuesday night class.

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Time to recall:) A little quiz for Tuesday night class.

Post  caroline on Thu 24 Mar 2011, 9:10 am

Topics that were discussed and for you yourself to answer.
Lets see how many we remember:)

Space clearer/cleaners/protectors
* Where do spirit clearer/cleaners/protectors reside.
* Where does their energy come from?
* How do you use them?
* When is the best time to use them?
* What happens if you use them whilst in class?

* How many sides to protect?
* When do you use your protections?
* How do you protect yourself/home/car etc?

Unicorn and Pegasus:
* What is the difference?

Memorial garden?
* How do you get there?
* Do you see or hear when you go there?

* How do you self love? What is the equation?
This + This = Self love
* When you do get to self love, what does it do to you?



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