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Post  jeremy white on Tue 15 Oct 2013, 6:34 pm

Hi All, Jeremy,
This week my Astral temple visit took me to a brown temple where I met with an entity named "Chocktee", he was not a North American red indian, he was dressed in a white flowing robe tied at the waist with a red cord, he indicated that he had a previous incarnation at the time of the construction of the great pyramid. Whilst travelling to the Astral temple I created my cesastral bubble and travelled in it, this certainly assisted in overcoming the astral tides and resistances, it also made for easier travelling in the astral landscape.
He told me that he wanted to discuss the word "Hope".


Hope is based upon a person wanting an outcome in a situation for which they believe that they have no control over, for example a person hopes that they can achieve better health by simply asking the spirit world to provide this, when in actual fact the spirit world is only too pleased to assist based on the work that this person does to improve their health. Hope has been manipulated of the years if not the centuries, by main stream religion issuing false hope to the masses prefixed by requesting them to "hope', that the good Lord will assist them.
If hope is assisted with or supplemented with positive thought and action then the word hope should be change to become an anticipated outcome based on the work done by that or a particular person. Hope is really a cop out, by avoiding personal responsibility, here on the earth plane, some people may see it as a product on the "you owe age", not so, as the universe has never simply provided for the sake of providing, there has to be intent and action behind all though and action so that manifestation can happen, either the universe can manifest, depending on the situation and person's attitude, or the person can manifest a positive physical outcome by doing the work to self achieve.
Here on the spirit plane, unless "Hope", is the name of a person, hope does not exist, simply because the spirit world is about mental thought and manifestation, if these two situation are not being actioned if the spirit plane then spirit entities are simply not aware that this word exists, so it has no bearing on their existence in the spirit plane.

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