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Post  jeremy white on Tue 26 Nov 2013, 1:53 pm

Hi All, my Astral Temple visit this week was as follows.

Travelled to the top of the mountain and entered a Temple pale green in colour, and met with an entity named "Shalimar",
who told me that we would discuss the word, "forgiving".

Forgiving is a member of the giving word. As there are several aspects to the word "give", or "giving", which basically means that you are presenting an article or object to a person at no charge or payment from that person to you, however forgiving can specifically relate to an emotional issue whereby you forgive a person for their attitude or personal comments that they may have made either to you or about you to another person. These comments are either not true or are casting doubt about your character or person. Therefor to forgive a person for there comments means that that their comments do not bother you, or more importantly you have not allowed these comments to impact upon your pathway.

A lot of the time these comments are made in the heat of the moment by a person who has not thought through what they have said, and certainly does realise that they can have an enormous impact on you, and themselves as they could be opening up or establishing a karmic situation. The forgiving of this person can allow them to realise the implications of what they have said and work to avoid establishing a karmic situation which could take more than one incarnation to resolve.

If the situation has been a prolonged and drawn out situation by forgiving the people or person means that you are not bound to accept their comments which, obviously you have disagreed with from day one. The resolution of a prolonged situation by forgiving allows all parties to move on in their lives and either become more focused on their pathway, or permits the re establishment and allows the unfolding of a pathway free of any personal anguish. So to practice forgiving is to allow the clearing of negativity from your auric field which can and will assist all parties.

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